LETTER: Do your part to protect animals


I think this past summer Pa. has certainly seen its fair share of animal abuse. We had a horse whipped to death by the Amish, a puppy mill dog on his death bed, cats and dogs being thrown from vehicles, acid poured onto dogs, dog fighting, starvation of animals, live pigeon shoots, dogs tied up in the extreme heat, and dogs left in hot cars. When will it end?

Libre and Janine Guido. (Photo courtesy of Dillsburg Veterinary Center)

It won’t end without you! You need to email, call, visit your state representatives and ask them to support: Senate Bill 339, animal cruelty penalty increase; SB 373, anti-tethering; SB 394, animal fighting; SB 1372, Libre’s Law; and SB 977, motor vehicle extreme heat protection act.

Don’t think for one minute these bills will be passed into law without you doing your part to help get them passed. Please go to http://www.legis.state.pa.us/ to find your state representative.

I am devastated that a human can hurt these defenseless animals, just heartbroken. If you think the abusers will stop with animals, you are wrong. If they can do these things to precious animals, they will do it to your children and to the elderly. They won’t think twice about it.

Losing faith in humanity,


West York