LETTER: Right to vote extremely important


What do you think the "right to vote" means to you in your daily life?

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The "right to vote" has a special meaning to me. I was directly involved in a serious breach of the separation of state and church in my local community. This breach was so egregious, that many individuals came together to fight for the separation of state and church. This was a "right to vote" issue here in York County, do you remember Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District court case in 2005? You should as it was widely covered in the local and national news.

The "right to vote" was extremely important for both sides of the federal court case that resulted in an attempt to cross the church/state line. This case brought out the good, the bad, the ugly, and resulted in more people registering to vote and then voting. The importance of the "right to vote" was paramount in defeating the breach. The key to the solution: voting.

Many like-minded citizens formed an organization to become the base and help get the group of voters organized for a long battle. Some individuals were organizers, others were workers, but everyone pitched in and did their very best. The outcome of the trial set precedent as well as the election's results.

My point? Easy, you have power by registering and voting. When you cast your vote you are showing your community, state, and country that you respect the "right to vote." You do not have to wait for days in long lines, face threats to your life, or be denied access to a democratic governmental system.

Go out and register to vote, vote, and be aware of your role in our government.

Without you, the system fails.


Dover Township