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OPED: Washington thanks party, community

Edquina Washington
Edquina Washington greets attendees of the York County Democrats forum to meet the candidates interested in filling the upcoming 95th Legislative District vacancy, Wednesday, August 17, 2016. John A. Pavoncello photo

Thank you.

It was a true honor and a humbling experience to stand before the community and share my heartfelt aspirations of change and love for our York, as I took the initiative and exerted myself as a candidate for the open Democratic seat for State Representative of our 95th Legislative District.

Thank you to Chad Baker, chairman of the Democratic Party of York County and thank you to the executive committee and the countless dedicated volunteers that selflessly give of their time, ensuring that our party would be thoroughly represented throughout York County.

Also, thankyou to our community for the overwhelming support that I received from the moment that I announced my intentions, and the overwhelming support I received to move forward with my aspirations to lead my community effectively and efficiently.

A special thank you as well, to those individuals that stood in support of my ambitions of leadership for our 95th District, and voted in my favor.

As shared in my speech, it is my belief that service to mankind is the highest honor that anyone could ever achieve.  Therefore, as I continue to serve our community, as I have done for over a decade in varied capacities, as community relations director of the City of York, governing board chair of Lincoln Charter School, steering committee member of York County Community Foundations Embracing Aging initiative, and advisory board member of York College’s Community Opportunity Scholarship Program.

In the past I served as past president of YWCA York, to which, I was the first African American female president of this historic 125 year old organization in our community, as well as being one of the founding members of United Way of York County’s Women Living United. Should the opportunity present itself once again to take a liberating stance towards political leadership in an arena that I have passion for in our community, I will take a bold stance, with integrity and respect.

In my 38 years, I feel honored that I was chosen to be born and raised in our York and provided with the privilege to lead, while setting an example for many girls, as well as women, that resilience, boldness, and intelligence are positive attributes and characteristics can be stood upon, without any apology.

Therefore, regardless if you are a single mother that takes joy in watching your children sleep at night, an outspoken survivor of domestic violence, or a passionate home town girl that simply loves your community; your dreams, your hopes, and your aspirations of moving forward are possible, regardless if your first try was not successful, continue to persevere, because your “yes” is awaiting ahead.

— Edquina Washington, York City director of community relations, sought the Democratic Party's nod to run for the 95th Senate District.