LETTER: School property tax is oppressive


School property taxes are up again as they are every year. Two county taxes are up and a new one added. The increase in the hotel tax may affect people as they are evicted from their home for inability to pay the extortion for school property taxes. They may be forced to spend a night in a hotel as they make the transition to living under the bridge in York. Hopefully, the bridge will be in good repair using money from the new vehicle registration tax.

John A. Pavoncello photo

Health insurance premiums are up, co-pays are up and the pharmaceutical companies have no restraints imposed on their greed. Hundreds of millions of dollars spent lobbying politicians show great results for these greedy companies.

Increases in the cost of living are everywhere but the powers that be are oblivious to that fact. The school property tax is oppressive and lowers the quality of life for homeowners, especially for senior citizens. Many legislators purporting to help senior citizens are not sincere. We have a state legislature spending an inordinate amount of time passing more laws to make it easier for people to get drunk and gamble their money away. They should spend some time making it easier for people to keep their home safe from the exorbitant school property tax. The governor is a York County citizen and he should be fully aware of the hardship of school property taxes. Elimination should be his number one priority. Why isn't it?


Conewago Township