LETTER: A realist for York City


York's out of control city gun violence was never mentioned at the 17th candidate forum. I was hoping to hear something about it because a man was recently shot twice in the chest and died on the sidewalk near my city home, in broad daylight. All the self-described caring, good listener candidates pledged their allegiance to the assault weapon ban, a national issue, but Hill-Evans and the others were completely silent on what makes so many York City residents live like prisoners in their own homes, fear. Why will they not talk about it?

Brian Pendergast, center, waits for the start of the York County Democrats forum to meet the candidates interested in filling the upcoming 95th Legislative District vacancy, Wednesday, August 17, 2016. John A. Pavoncello photo

Hill-Evans is running on her record. Wow. Her priority is helping small businesses and the only real proof we have of her ability to increase business is how through inaction in office she has managed to increase the sale of 9mm ammunition to city thugs, who she and her party-controlled city government now is going to spend $300,000 on through a CeaseFire program that has never worked in a small city like York.

Joel Sears is a caring energetic realist who won't sweep undeniable problems like city gun violence under the rug. He's a smart disciplined man who I know has been deeply moved by the education his knocking on thousands of city home's doors has given him. He may have started out a little naive about how most of his constituents live in fear in York City, but now he knows and feels directly the hopelessness that grips York residents

Hill-Evans ignored that hopelessness and fear Wednesday, and throughout her years on council. The gun violence is proof of it. Hill-Evans has had repeated chances to make York safe and she's failed.

A vote for Joel Sears is an opportunity for real change, not more of the same denial and inaction.


York City