LETTER: For the sake of children, be an advocate of peace

Angela Liddle

As advocates for the safety and protection of children, we have no stronger ally in that cause than the men and women of our law enforcement community. They stand at the frontlines in guarding Pennsylvania’s children and other vulnerable residents from abuse, neglect and violence. Often, when there are tense, dangerous moments in family situations, it is that lone police officer who enters the scene and makes a critical decision to bring a peaceful resolution. We mourn the terrible loss suffered by law officers in Dallas and all lives lost to anger, despair and violence.

On behalf of Pennsylvania’s kids and the millions of children around this country, I urge each of us to take a moment to think about the future we want for them. We can voice our displeasure about events without resorting to violence against our neighbors or the men and women who wear a badge and swear an oath to protect us and the laws that govern our society.

If you feel overwhelmed, reach out to mental health resources in your community, to family members and friends, or to places of worship. Let our system of justice prevail. We have a responsibility to America’s greatest asset, our children, to be advocates for peace.


President and CEO,

Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance