I am writing in response to your editorial on June 27 regarding Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown's removal of the Confederate flag at the state capital. I was surprised that you condoned her illegal actions.

The Hanover Historical Society was asked to bring the flag display to the capital in honor of Flag Day. No one had a right to touch it or take it upon themselves to remove it. In your editorial you state that the Confederate flag belongs only in museums. In the capital exhibit, it was one of many that have flown over the states and territories of the U.S. It was included in the exhibit for educational purposes only.

In my opinion, Gov. Tom Wolf erred when ordering that the flag be removed from the exhibit. I am not condoning slavery at all, but it existed long before our Civil War and for a lot longer under the U.S. flag than the Confederate flag. We cannot continue to educate people on our nation's history if instead we just try to erase it.

Rep. Brown stated that the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate, murder and oppression. Perhaps she, as well as your editors and Gov. Wolf, should read about the Indian Removal Act of May 28, 1830, signed into law by Andrew Jackson. That is a symbol of hate, murder and aggression. Does the $20 bill offend all of you, too? Something tells me Rep. Brown does not throw those out.


York Township

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