LETTER: Making sense of gibberish

Trump both sides

Brexit, like Trumpism, makes sense to some:

  • The reason for economic stagnation in England for the past 10 years is the sudden influx last year of Middle East immigrants to mainland Europe;
  • the reason American workers are losing jobs to China is the presence of undocumented Hispanics in this country;
  • the reason that immigrants keep coming to this country is that our trade agreements with China et al are forcing the immigrants to flee from their homes in Syria;
  • the reason we need to make Mexico pay for a wall on our borders is to keep them from sneaking our companies and jobs into Mexico; the reason we need to cut taxes on the wealthy is that they can't make enough money here or in China without government help;
  • the reason to hold the minimum wage to the lowest possible level is that employers are paying workers too much and thus removing worker motivation to work harder, like the Mexicans and Chinese.

The biggest indictment of the American education system is the dumbing-down of the students, until the above gibberish makes sense to them.

The biggest indictment of American politicians is that they knowingly peddle the stupidity of it all to the blindfolded electorate.

Or, maybe it’s all God's fault. Could be that He simply gave up on His experiment with human intelligence.


Springettsbury Township