LETTER: Don’t restrict law-abiding gun owners


In response to your York Dispatch editorial of June 14 about the Orlando shooting on June 12, you criticized Sen. Toomey for offering condolences and prayers while praising Sen. Casey for calling for more gun laws.

Tri-County York Gun & Knife Show at Memorial Hall in York City, Sunday, June 26, 2016. Dawn J. Sagert photo

We have enough laws, we just need to enforce them.

Every time there's a shooting the anti-gun politicians cry for more laws. They would only further restrict the law-abiding gun owners because the bad people disregard them.

The Sandy Hook shooter viewed violent videos then killed his own mother and stole her gun. The Russians warned the F.B.I. about the Boston bomber but they didn't take him seriously. The San Bernadine shooters had a friend purchase their weapons, legally.

The FBI interviewed Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter, twice, then after 10 months, took him off their watch list. He also retained his special security guard license to buy guns, legally. Is the FBI dropping the ball?

Pres. Obama's hometown, Chicago, has some of the most restrictive gun laws but is the homicide capitol of the U.S. The mayor is Rham Emanual, Obama's former chief of staff.

Pres. Obama calls for more gun laws while contributing to the problem. He commuted sentences for 348 prisoners, some with life terms (York Sunday News June 5).

Our government refuses to acknowledge that we have "sanctuary cities" such as Philadelphia and San Francisco from which a felon, who was deported five times, killed a woman.

Our government also released 20,000 criminal immigrants, many who are violent felons, one of which, Jean Jacques, who was released from jail over three times, killed a woman in Connecticut (York Dispatch May 12).

Pres. Obama and Hillary Clinton, if she would become president, would ban all guns, which is their ultimate goal.


East Manchester Township