LETTER: Congratulations to scholarship recipients


Congratulations to the recipients of the Gretchen Wolf Swartz scholarships (York Dispatch, June 8, 2016)! It’s always a joy to read about the next generation who clearly understands the principles of sportsmanship, teamwork, perseverance, participation, and giving.

And while the students are the stars and deserve the recognition, there is someone else who deserves to be recognized, especially in light of the dramatic $65,000 increase in scholarship dollars awarded this year! That person is Donnie Swartz, husband of Gretchen Wolf Swartz, for whom the scholarship is named. Donnie, who passed away in 2011, left the bulk of his estate — $5.5 million — to York County Community Foundation to create The Gretchen Wolf Swartz and Donald Swartz Fund. This endowment distributes annual grants to the Gretchen Wolf Swartz Scholarship Fund, the organization awarding the sportsmanship scholarships described in the article, as well as the York County History Center (formerly the York County Heritage Trust).

Donnie combined his love for his late wife and their passion for basketball into a potentially life-changing scholarship opportunity for future generations of York County students. What better gift to leave your community? Thank you, Donnie Swartz, for your commitment to York, both during your lifetime and after. Thank you for being an inspiration to others who are thinking about how they might be remembered and the gift they will leave York.


York County Community Foundation,

vice president and chief development officer