LETTER: Sanctuary cities a common-sense issue

Chris Reilly
York Township

York County District Attorney Tom Kearney called attention to what should be the common-sense issue of sanctuary cities in your May 14 issue, and I agree with his sentiment. Like Kearney’s letter said, Senate candidate Katie McGinty should join the bipartisan calls against sanctuary cities instead of defending them, given her prominent position.

As the son of a 20-year veteran of Washington, D.C.'s metropolitan police force, I believe that sanctuary cities make it harder to catch dangerous criminals and even terrorist suspects. That’s what this issue is really about. The political statement about immigration policy that Democrats like McGinty try to make with these policies should not come at the cost of public safety. It is just common sense that local and federal law enforcement should work together to catch the most dangerous criminals, regardless of their immigration status.

The most recent example of this in Pennsylvania is when Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney instituted one of the most extreme sanctuary city policies in the country, banning essentially all cooperation between Philadelphia’s finest and federal immigration officials. As the largest city in our state, this sets a reckless precedent for the rest of our commonwealth. That is why even the Obama administration has been pressing Philadelphia to drop their policy.

This problem can be solved with the stroke of a pen. McGinty should drop her support for these policies and join the Obama administration’s calls to ensure that our law enforcement have all the tools they need to catch dangerous criminals.


York Township