LETTER: Bigotry is not good for business


Earlier this month, our Democratic Governor, Tom Wolf, signed an executive order expanding protections against discrimination due to gender identity. Wolf did this as the Pennsylvania Fairness Act remains stalled in the General Assembly. That common sense act is going nowhere, typical of the knee jerk reaction by Republicans to torpedo any legislation promoted by our handily elected Democratic governor who ran on an agenda of positive principles and sound ideas to fix our economic mess.

Cecilia Watkins, of Harrisburg, holds a equality sign Thursday, March 31, 2016, during a rally at the state Capitol to fight for the passage of the Fairness Act which would offer protections for LGBT individuals with regards to employment and housing. Amanda J. Cain photo

Look at what is happening to North Carolina and Mississippi ... The Boss — Bruce Springsteen —cancelled his concert in NC, corporations are reversing decisions to do business and bring jobs. The politics of religion is seeping into the state legislatures and those Bible Belt states are forgetting the basic principles of separation of those two entities and passing laws that discriminate. We do not live in a theocracy and our founding fathers concurred. Brush up on your American history if you have doubts.

Now, if we could only get the pesky, obstinate, elected Republicans in Pennsylvania, onboard to pass some positive, socially supportive legislation, and away from the mean and nasty laws, already passed by some very backward states, it just might change the perception that one party is so darn negative. Time to bury that notion, that parts of our state labeled as "Pennsyltucky," are just plain backward. Ignorance is not bliss and bigotry is not good for business. As a bonus, it also just might make Pennsylvania more attractive to corporations and businesses that are looking for a progressive state to set up shop.

Show America that our great state of Pennsylvania, the home of independence and liberty, hasn't forgotten its roots.


Springettsbury Township