EDITORIAL: Primary day finally here

The York Dispatch

On what could be a pivotal day in an unpredictable primary election season, Pennsylvania voters are standing at the epicenter of history.


If there was any doubt about how critical Pennsylvania is to the candidates, it was all but erased as they canvassed the state for nearly a week before this primary day.

What you need to know about Tuesday's Pa. primary

Yorkers felt the Bern when on Friday night Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders showed up quite unexpectedly at White Rose Bar and Grill in York City after holding a rally in Gettysburg where he also spoke one-on-one with members of local media outlets.

Donald Trump fired up a crowd of thousands this past Thursday — holding a lively event that saw a number of ardent supporters turned away at the doors. Democrats have changed party affiliation to Republican statewide in unusually large numbers in advance of this year’s primary, ostensibly to cast a vote for the billionaire businessman who promises to restore lost manufacturing jobs and build a wall along the U.S.–Mexican border to combat illegal immigration.

Trump has divided his own Republican Party, pitting the establishment against throngs of loyal voters, but he — and Sanders — have fired up otherwise disenfranchised Americans, and that speaks to the fact that there is real demand for change after decades of party politics and a power structure that has accomplished precious little due in large part to its aversion to compromise.

In fact, all of that “deal making” that Trump talks about may strike a chord with voters sick of the gridlock that results from lack of compromise.

Former President Bill Clinton campaigned in Harrisburg last week before he made an impromptu visit to a café in Lancaster on Sunday evening, where he mingled with customers and posed for pictures while campaigning for his wife, former U.S. senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s popularity with African-American voters has propelled her into Democratic front-runner status, and she is the party’s anticipated nominee.

All of this has resulted in an electorate that is politically energized like we haven’t seen in years. Despite the uncertainty of the future of the party establishment on both sides of the aisle — it’s pretty clear the parties are evolving, though exactly how remains to be seen — it’s exciting and daunting.

Record GOP turnout expected for Pa. primary

All signs say voters are taking this primary election as seriously as their candidates have. Polls are open Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. statewide, and The York Dispatch has voting information, including polling places, at www.yorkdispatch.com.

The candidates have made their cases. All that’s left is for you to decide. If you’re registered and affiliated with a political party, make your voice heard today.