OPED: Businessman Trump would bring much-needed change

York Dispatch

As the presidential process continues, we as Americans are being educated on the primary voting process. For more than 40 years, I have voted in every primary and general election, but have never paid attention to the process. Thank you Mr. Trump, an outsider, for your awaking of the public to how politicians in this country are really chosen and elected. The establishment or ‘Good Old Boy Network’ has operated and controlled this process for years. Even though we are a representative democracy, we are not truly being represented. Look at the Colorado Republican results where even though voters voted for Mr. Trump he received no delegates. Yes, these rules were in place last year, but that does not mean they are fair to the candidates.

Harold S. Wales, Jr.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event in April.

We are facing major problems in this country (i.e., economy — jobs, immigration control and fighting terrorism). The silent majority has not spoken for years.  he problems real Americans are facing today are many, but I would like to focus on the economy. I want to give you an analogy that truly represents what has happened to American communities since the 1950's to 1970's when we were great.

I grew up on a farm in a small community, Fawn Grove, PA, during the 1950s and 1960s. At that time, the town had about 400 to 500 citizens and was a thriving business community. In the center of town, there was a sewing factory that employed both of my parents, our neighbors and my one grandmother. We had a mill that processed corn for my grandfather so he could have feed for his chickens. We had a sweet corn processing and packing plant where my grandfather would take his tractor and push sweet corn into the conveyor belt. The area around the town had multiple apple and peach orchards which also provided work. There were two general stores, a nice restaurant, a hardware store, a post office, a bank, and three service stations. This business scenario was replicated in most neighboring towns in the area.

Today, the sewing factory is gone. The packing plant is vacant. The mill is gone. The bank is closed. The two general stores, restaurant and hardware store are gone. The postal service has been trying to close our post office.  Many of the orchards in the surrounding area are gone. The people who live here now are either retired, government workers, self-employed, farmers or people who moved here from Baltimore or York and commute to work in those cities (i.e., a bedroom community). The bottom line is there are few meaningful jobs in the town or local area.

I have never written to any representative or reporter before, but now is the time to rise up and really speak for what most Americans really think and believe is needed to recover and protect our country. To give you an example of what is happening in our education system, I prepared a tax return for a young man (i.e., 14 years old). I presented the returns to him and asked him to sign and date his returns. He looked at me and said I do not know how to sign my name. I only had two weeks of cursive writing in school. We sat with him and showed him how to make the letters in his name using cursive writing.  He then practiced his name and was then able to sign his returns. Can you imagine not being able to sign documents or understand cursive writings throughout his lifetime?

I have worked my entire life and served two years in the US Army during the Vietnam conflict. I received my MBA in financial management from Pace University in Manhattan. I started out working in my early teens by thinning peaches in the summer for $.50 an hour and delivering the Sunday paper to almost everyone in Fawn Grove.  I have been working ever since that time. After college and the Army, I spent 25 years working in various accounting, financial and marketing jobs in corporate America (i.e., Western Electric, Middle Atlantic General Investment Co., and Unisys).  I then went the self-employment route becoming a teaching tennis professional and accountant. Based on my experience in the work force for the last 50 years, I truly understand how a business man like Mr. Trump can make a difference for our country.

The anger and frustration of the American public has been brewing and finally erupted with support for a candidate, Mr. Trump. If given a chance by the Democratic and Republican community, he truly will make a needed change in Washington. We have never had a businessman elected President, but this type of person is exactly what we need today to turn this country around, reduce debt, create real jobs and make it great again! As in business, you learn that there are no free lunches. You do not receive anything for nothing. We need to keep our capitalism values which have made this country great, not socialism!

Respectfully submitted for the public’s review and comment by a concerned American for our children and grandchildren's future!

— Harold S. Wales, Jr., MBA, EA, ATA, is from Fawn Grove.