LETTER: Thank you from ballot 14


When you head to the polls on April 26, you will notice a long list of candidates for Delegate to the Republican National Convention. You will be able to cast votes for three of them. My name is Marc Scaringi and I am asking for your support.


The Republican establishment has failed us, both in Pennsylvania and Washington DC. The primary election results from other states clearly show that Republican voters all across America are hungry for new leaders who are not beholden to the old guard. This year is the greatest opportunity we’ve ever had to retake our party from the political insider class that has steered it away from our principles.

I challenged the Establishment when I ran for the US Senate in 2012. I was voted the most conservative candidate in the race by the Pittsburgh 9/12 Project and was called “the citizen politician the founding fathers dreamed of running the government.” The GOP elites pressured me to quit and support their endorsed candidate, Steve Welch. I refused to drop out and carried my Constitutional conservative message all the way to the finish line. I fought the establishment then and I will do so again if you send me to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

The three Delegates you elect from the 4th Congressional District will not be bound to any candidate, and may play a pivotal role in choosing the Republican nominee if the convention is contested. I am a small government, free market, constitutional conservative. The Republican establishment and party bosses will do everything in their power to thwart the will of the voters and put in their own candidate for President. As your Delegate, I will not support any Establishment candidates for president and will fight back at every opportunity. I will not let the establishment take this election away from the people.

You will find me on your ballot at number 14. Thank you very much for your support.


Camp Hill