LETTER: Watch your ballot closely and be informed


I am a Republican, and found out something quite interesting. I was on the Internet and was commenting on a site about the person I am going to vote for, and was told to watch Pennsylvania's ballot.


The information I was given was about our delegates. So I called our local Republican Committee and they explained this process to me, which totally surprised me. If the Republican party goes to the convention and there is no clear winner, it will go to our delegates to cast their votes.

Now to the information I learned. In Pennsylvania's ballot you will vote for president and other official positions. BUT, at the end you are to choose your delegates. Now, if you do not know who the different delegates are voting for, you have now lost your vote.

I was told to go to the Republican website (www.yorkpagop.org) and there you can see who each delegate is voting for. And choose the person who is voting like you to be your delegate.

So why is this information not out there in the news? I felt I needed to tell people about it so they can be a more informed voter.


Springettsbury Township