LETTER: Gov. Tom Wolf takes bold step on equal rights for all


The Constitution and Bill of Rights were developed by founding fathers who believed in separation of church and state. A simple search of statements made by those great men confirm this fact without dispute.

Transgender people and supporters hold up signs Thursday, March 31, 2016, during a rally at the state Capitol to fight for the passage of the Fairness Act which would offer protections for LGBT individuals with regards to employment and housing. Amanda J. Cain photo

Unfortunately, present day religious fundamentalists seek to undo our great country by ignoring the founding principles that have resulted in the greatest nation on earth. Hateful, bigoted laws recently passed in Indiana, North Carolina, Mississippi and fortunately vetoed in Georgia ignore the fact that freedom of religion includes freedom from religion. We are not and have never been a Christian nation. No doubt that the best principles of many religions are responsible for the values that led to the laws and principals that have shaped the nation we have come to love.

This week I am very proud to be a Pennsylvanian. Gov. Tom Wolf has made our state a shining example of acceptance and inclusion, at least so far as his powers allow, by making discrimination illegal in state government and for any work related to state contracts.

Unfortunately still today, a LGBT couple can be married on Saturday and fired from their job on Monday due to the fact that sexual orientation and gender identity are not protected categories in Pennsylvania's human rights laws, nor in the federal law.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Governor Wolf for taking such a bold step especially at this point in our Nation’s history. It’s now time for the State Legislature to do the right thing and make equal protection for LGBT citizens the law in Pennsylvania.


Springettsbury Township