EDITORIAL: Never forget fallen troops

York Dispatch

Thumbs up: To participants who gathered at Prospect Hill Cemetery Saturday morning, as they have done every year for a dozen years, to install flags honoring fallen troops from Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Alexis Martz, 8, of New Salem, places flags in honor of the fallen soldiers at the Prospect Hill Cemetery & Cremation Gardens Flag Re-Creation ceremony Saturday, April 16, 2016. Amanda J. Cain photo

The flags pay homage to servicemen and servicewomen who served in Afghanistan and Iraq and go up in the spring after being taken down in December in anticipation of inclement weather.

Those who attended the event and the event organizers, including the Sheriff’s Office and Prospect Hill caretakers and community volunteers, should be commended for their steadfast remembrance of those who have sacrificed their lives defending their country.

Thumbs up: To those who speak out to remind others that there are scammers out there who are trying to take their money.

Teresa Fabra is one such accidental activist. When her 80-year-old mother, Rose, received a phone call from someone who said they were from the Internal Revenue Service and threatening to put a lien on her house if she didn’t pay money owed, Teresa called to alert The York Dispatch.

“I just don’t want someone else to get the call and be taken advantage of,” Teresa told an editor.

Seriously, the IRS isn't calling you

People from the IRS are never going to call or email you demanding you pay them immediately, as a recent news release from the agency says. And they're definitely not going to ask you for personal information or payment information over the phone or threaten you with local law enforcement.

The IRS said scammers ramp up their efforts leading up to tax-filing deadline each year, when the IRS and taxes are on people's minds.

Thumbs up: To Sonia Manzano, aka Maria, the beloved "Sesame Street" character she played for more than four decades.

Sonia was in York this past week to talk to young adults about her experience starting out in a career that was dominated by white actors and actresses. "When I watched television, you never saw people of color on TV at all," she said to the students, who were all of color.

Maria from 'Sesame Street' speaks to York-area students

She talked about the way the producers of "Sesame Street" encouraged her to help them create an authentic Latina character. While she hadn’t expected to forge the way for other Hispanic actors, that’s exactly what she did.

And now, she is inspiring others to forge new paths.

Nellie Washington, who grew up watching Manzaro on "Sesame Street," is a junior at York College. Manzano’s message resonated: “Just that she made it means a lot,” Washington said.