LETTER: Local reps concerned about education funding


Members of the York County House Republican delegation are very concerned over the method by which education funding is being distributed throughout Pennsylvania. While allowing the general appropriations portion of the state budget to become law two weeks ago, Gov. Tom Wolf chose to veto the Fiscal Code bill — the legislation that directs how the money should be distributed.

Two years ago, the Basic Education Funding Commission (BEFC) was created to address inadequacies in Pennsylvania’s basic education funding formula. Last June, this bipartisan group of 15 state officials recommended a new formula that would have given our school districts funding increases of nearly $14 million.

But, Wolf vetoed this fair and bipartisan formula — which he had earlier praised as a ‘big step forward for the people of Pennsylvania” — and went on to cut more than $16 million from York County school districts.

And, as has been his pattern since taking office, Gov. Wolf took the money he cut from York, Lancaster, Reading and Scranton schools, and sent it to his political allies in Philadelphia at the expense of children across the state.

That’s right, the School District of Philadelphia will receive more than $1 billion in basic education funding — 18 percent of the available new money. The leftover crumbs will be divided among Pennsylvania’s other 499 school districts.

In our county, Wolf punished York City School District the most with a more than $2.7 million cut in funding, closely followed by Red Lion which saw a $2.1 million cut by Wolf.

In total, York County schools lost more than $16 million due to Gov. Wolf’s unilateral funding formula decision.

And now, there are news reports that Wolf is using his administration to punish Democrat lawmakers who failed to stand with him in his effort to force massive tax hikes on the middle class by shutting down our schools.

It appears that Wolf wants to act like an emperor who doesn’t tolerate dissension under his unilateral edicts. If the people of York County do not agree with Wolf’s actions, they should contact the governor at (717) 787-2500 and let him know.

Rep. SETH GROVE(R-Dover)

Rep. Seth Grove is shown during an interview at his office in West Manchester Township, Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016.

Rep. KATE KLUNK(R-Hanover)

Kate Klunk


Kristin Phillips-Hill

Rep. MIKE REGAN(R-Dillsburg)

Rep. Mike Regan

Rep. STAN SAYLOR(R-Red Lion)

Stan Saylor