LETTER: Clean Power Plan can help PA


It's time to leave behind those fossil fuels (opinion, yorkdispatch.com, Jon Clark, April 1) shows that Pennsylvania’s families can’t wait until tomorrow to take on the climate challenges we face today.

Brunner Island

While a shrinking few still deny that our world is warming, over 70,000 Pro Life Pennsylvanians have taken action in support of climate and clean energy. They know that we are already living with the enormous consequences that climate change is generating in our state.

As Mr. Clark writes, “A clean energy future will create jobs and save money while cleaning our air and water.” Fortunately, the clean, affordable renewables that will be fostered by the Clean Power Plan have the potential to bring much-needed, high paying clean energy jobs to our state, while protecting us from the increasing human health and financial costs of pollution, climate change and extreme weather.

Market realities are moving us away from the polluting fossil fuels heating our planet. The Clean Power Plan can help everyone in Pennsylvania move there together, safely and affordably.


President/CEO, Evangelical Environmental Network

New Freedom