LETTER: A vote for Joe Sestak

Joe Sestak, a former Navy admiral and congressman, left,  talks with Matthew Ott, 15, of West York, during a Feb. 10, 2016, campaign stop at VFW Post 5265 in Spring Grove. Matthew is trying to raise $1 million for Veteran's Challenge. (John A. Pavoncello - jpavoncello@yorkdispatch.com)

Here is some straight talk to my fine fellow Pennsylvanians. We all know that this is an important election year and when you walk into the booth this November and cast your vote for our Senator in Washington, please don't reelect Pat Toomey.

Take it from someone who has kept tabs of his voting record and he does not represent us well. This latest decision to not consider a new Supreme Court justice is absurd. His excuse is lame and unacceptable.

Pennsylvania deserves better. Candidates such as Admiral Joe Sestak are more in line with our interests and values.


New Freedom