LETTER: Firing of Coach Manlove was wrong

Mary Manlove, seen here coaching the Dallastown girls' basketball team, is up for approval to become the next head girls' coach at Palmyra on Thursday. Manlove was fired as the Wildcats' coach amid allegations of verbal, mental and physical abuse, but a later investigation cleared her of all accusations.

This letter is for the parents of athletes in the Dallastown School District. Do you have a coach you do not like in the District? This is what you can do. Make up accusations about the coach and then go to the Administration. No. It does not matter if it's not true. This is Dallastown. In this district truth takes a back seat to the parents' desires. After all the accusations are found to be untrue, you can just say the atmosphere is toxic. It does not matter that the coach did not cause the toxicity. This is Dallastown. Truth does not matter. The administration threw coach Manlove under the bus. I am glad those men never served with me in the military. They would have never had my back.


Springfield Township