LETTER: Crying ‘Wolf’ didn’t help

File Photo: Gov. Tom Wolf

I want to personally thank my fellow Red Lion Area School Board Members and our administration led by Dr. Deisley for having the foresight and courage in pushing our state elected officials to move a 2015-16 budget.

Monthslong Pa. budget impasse over

We fell under criticism early on, but as our taxpayers and the rest of the Commonwealth realized crying “Wolf” was not going to get us anywhere. Schools across the Commonwealth sounded off with the same message and in many instances much dire of circumstances. We thank the taxpayers across Pennsylvania for helping to apply pressure and force our elected officials to do the right thing.

The hard conversations in Harrisburg will start over. These conversations will not be pretty as there is still a vacuum of leadership that needs filled. We promise in Red Lion Schools that we will continue to fight to hold the line on local taxes, we will fight for our taxpayers but most of all we will fight for a future that gives our children the best possible advantages imaginable.

Our children do not hold a party line but many times are the collateral damage in the wake of politics. What has transpired must not happen again in Harrisburg. Please remember to contact your legislators and the governor’s office and urge them to lead our Commonwealth in a direction that allows our children to not be mediocre but exceptional.


School board member,

Red Lion Area School District