Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson slept through most of the debates and a good part of the Republican nomination fight.

Oh, he was there in body. But he was sleeping. Everybody could tell.

And maybe he was sleeping when Donald Trump compared him to a child molester. And questioned his Seventh Day Adventist faith.

Yeah, Carson must have been sleeping. That's the only answer.

Why else would Carson stand at a podium Friday with Trump and say he is endorsing the Republican front-runner?

Hypocrisy? You can decide.

But it was the same way at one of last week's debates, when the moderator asked the candidates if they would support the Republican nominee, even if it was Trump.

Trump had insulted them all at one time or another.

But they all said, if need be, they would support Trump.


Hoping for a job in a Trump administration?

You decide.

It would have been nice to see one of the candidates, any of them, disavow Trump. But none had the guts to do that.

Hypocrisy? You decide.

Gary Stein writes for the Florida Sun Sentinel

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