LETTER: Time to stop trash talk

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I’m gratified to know that Scott Derr doesn’t want to disparage any of the candidates. Otherwise, his use of terms such as “snake oil salesman,” “kid,” a “son of a lobbyist” might have led people to think he was trying to smear Anthony Pugliese.

Let’s be honest about this. Scott Derr is a failed candidate for office who lost to Pugliese before and is now lining up to support a political fundraiser, who by definition tries to raise and use money to influence elections. Attacking Anthony Pugliese over a misunderstanding of what amounts to “membership” in a civic organization is pretty thin stuff.

Anthony Pugliese is an established conservative who was able to work in state government without becoming part of its dysfunctional culture. Little wonder that when run-of-the-mill politicians have no ability to compete on policy, experience or concrete ideas on how to help our communities move forward, they look for a way to smear and mislead voters.

It’s time to stop the trash talk and get to the issues. On those, Anthony has a great deal to say.


Supervisor of Newberry Township