EDITORIAL: Celebrate Irish pride

York Dispatch
York St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee member Mary Yeaple sorts through parade decorations in her office at CoWork 155 in York City Wednesday, March 9, 2016. The parade is Saturday at 1 p.m. Bill Kalina photo

Thumbs Up: To Mary Yeaple and all of the volunteers who are preparing for Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade in York City. Even Central Market is getting in on the act, with extended hours to accommodate parade participants and attendees.

A tip o’ the cap, as well, to Ward Walsh, a dedicated parade participant who, along with his family, has been marching since almost the beginning of the parade. When Walsh, this year’s Grand Marshal, began marching with his crew about 15 years ago, the parade was only a couple of years old and drew about 500 people.

Saturday’s event is expected to draw nearly 10,000, and with the temperatures expected to be in the mid-60s and sunshine expected to be plentiful, we wouldn’t be surprised if the parade exceeds organizers’ expectations regarding attendance.

St. Paddy's parade set for Saturday in York

We know it will meet or exceed event-goers' expectations thanks to all of the hard work being done by dedicated volunteers.

Erin go bragh!

Thumbs down: To the racist and less-than-intelligent (those two characteristics always go hand-in-hand) vandals who spray-painted graffiti on the concession stand at Bostic Stadium on Northern York County School District property.

The graffiti, found Monday morning by district employees, was done in red spray paint, in large letters, on the side of the concession stand, according to Carroll Township Police Sgt. David Smith. The district notified police right away, he said.

The culprits wrote “M13” on the concession stand, which Smith said could have to do with a violent international gang. However, if that was the intention, they misspelled it by leaving out an “S” — for MS-13.

They also wrote racially charged words on the stand.

Police seeking leads in misspelled graffiti left outside Dillsburg

The vandals, who may be kids, Smith said, inconvenienced the district and didn’t prove anything except their ignorance. When caught, they could face charges including institutional vandalism.

What a waste of everyone's — including the vandals’ — time.

Thumbs Up: To the York Time Institute, a throwback to clock-making that also serves to keep the unique trade alive. The institute, in York City, is pretty busy at this time of year — when we are preparing to “spring ahead” and turn our clocks forward an hour for daylight saving time.

That’s because many people still enjoy antique timepieces, despite the digital evolution that has taken over time-keeping. For many of us, we will wake up Sunday morning to iPhones that are already on daylight saving time and we’ll go about pushing a few buttons to reprogram the coffee maker and the microwave.

York Time Institute Director Dan Neid said the institute is one of only a few clock-making schools out there, and he believes it's the only one in the country that still teaches its students how to make their own parts.

York Time Institute prepares to spring forward

When they graduate from the 18- to 20-month program from the accredited trade school, they are micromachinists and can work in service centers, as toy-makers, as jewelers and the like.

This unique trade inspires the imagination, and we are happy the institute has made its home in York.

We’re also giving a thumbs-up to the extended daylight about to come our way because we know it means spring is truly almost here.