LETTER: A voting dilemma


I am so amazed at who the frontrunners are in the primaries.

First Trump, as a Democrat, he doesn't scare me too much on the issues. He was a Democrat long before he was a Republican. I think he will choose moderate to liberal judges, my biggest fear. But, how he will get anything accomplished is beyond me.

Trump double-speak

Ryan has come out twice disavowing him, has that ever happened before in one's own party? How will he ever get anything accomplished? The Democrats and Republicans in Congress don’t like him. His only recourse will be executive orders.

Another question is how and when will he transition from being in the boardroom and being in the Oval Office and what will be the repercussions during that transition period. I really fear the consequences of him dealing with foriegn leaders, as a CEO. Also he is being sued for fraud involving Trump University, fraud? Is anyone thinking about the implications of that?

Next Hillary, I honestly think there is a bigger chance Trump will keep us out of war than her. Also, she is facing results in FBI investigations for both her emails and the Clinton Foundation. We don't know her personally, how do we know the truth behind it, what about the implications of that?

Hillary Connects

Many think we don't have any good candidates, I disagree. We have Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side, an honest, Democratic Socialist. Oh yes, that scary word, that just says he is for social programs that benefit the middle class, if that scares you, you aren't part of the middle class.

Next Kasich, I don't agree with him; but he is another honest man that has done very well in his state of Ohio and has not participated in the name calling, childishness of the other candidates, he has been the adult in the room.

So in ending, I may not be voting at all this year, if it is between Trump and Hillary. I think it would be more productive to just stay home and pray. Trump has hats saying "Make America great again." I suggest we should get some saying, "God save America from its people."


York Township