LETTER: Don’t be bamboozled by Pugliese

Anthony Pugliese is seeking the Republican nomination for the 92nd state House District.

I don’t want to disparage any of the candidates, but in this case I think it’s important to highlight two items. Anthony Pugliese is the 29-year-old son of a lobbyist, and also himself a registered lobbyist. Wouldn’t a vote for Pugliese be just like hiring a lobbyist for office? As far as I know Anthony is still working, and on the payroll for his dad’s lobbying firm. Don’t be surprised by how much campaign money he raises from PAC’s and lobbying firms. My guess is he’ll be in their pockets before the polls even open.

Pugliese heroin task force involvement questioned

Pugliese, also has no problem stretching the truth. Call the county coroner and ask if Pugliese actually ever worked with the York County Heroin Task Force (which he claims he did). The answer will be no. If someone can’t be honest while campaigning, my guess is they won’t be honest if ever elected. As a lobbyist his job has been to tell people only half-truths and Anthony is very good at this. He’s a rather charming kid, but so is a snake oil salesman.

Let’s keep the son of a lobbyist, who embellishes his accomplishments and work history out of our PA Legislature.

Anyone but Pugliese.

Scott Derr