LETTER: Clean Power Plan a must


Living in the nation’s third largest polluting state, the halting of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan is disastrous news. We are seeing record high temperatures every summer and recovering from massive blizzards in the winter. We clearly do not have time to continue pretending carbon pollution is not a problem in this country.

Brunner Island

Luckily, Gov. Tom Worlf is committed to reducing these harmful emissions and protecting the future of Pennsylvanians. Wolf will continue battling the fossil-fuel industry because he understands that he has a duty to keep our state clean for future generations. The EPA’s proposed plan would have cut our carbon pollution by 32 percent by the year 2030.

This push to focus on renewable energy rather than fossil fuels will no doubt provide us with a clean, green future. I thank Wolf for his administration’s commitment to guarantee a strong Clean Power Plan for Pennsylvania.

Nicholas McDowell

Temple University student