LETTER: Good Samaritans are out there


On Tuesday, Feb. 2, I skidded off Rt. 234 in Reading Township, did a 180 spin and ended up in a snowbank. I was OK, but I was concerned how I would get my car out. Before I could pick up my phone to call AAA about towing, 4 cars stopped right across the road and 5 men came over to try to push me out.


Several of them had Veterans hats on. It was pouring down rain. When the pushing wasn't successful, one of them went back to his car and got a chain. They hooked it up to one of their cars and mine. One of the men stopped traffic in front of me, and another stopped the cars going the other way.

They pulled me out in a matter of seconds, and I was on my way. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to those 5 angels. There are good people out there, and that was certainly demonstrated to me on Wednesday.

Richard Frey

New Oxford