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LETTER: We will continue to support Clean Power Plan


The Supreme Court has sided with polluters and their allies by delaying the Clean Power Plan. This hits pause on the centerpiece of the U.S.’s strategy to tackle climate change, which is widely supported by the majority of Pennsylvanians.

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While we are confident that the Clean Power Plan will prevail in the courts based on its merits, the decision to pause implementation is a major setback for clean air and climate action. Because at the end of the day, climate change’s worst impacts can’t be paused the same way that the Clean Power Plan just was.

'Green' efforts could hit snag in Pa. budget

PennEnvironment and our allies will continue to defend the Clean Power Plan in the courts and in Congress. But we’ll also keep pushing for Pennsylvania to embrace clean power — the fact is that no matter what happens in the Supreme Court, clean energy like wind and solar makes sense for our health, our environment, and our future.

Elowyn Corby