LETTER: Progressive viewpoint an embarrassment


This is in response to letters by Harry Perkinson and Steve Zorbaugh in the Jan. 11, 2016 edition of The York Dispatch newspaper regarding current and proposed gun laws.

Propane tanks are displayed as Pennsylvania State Police Capt. Adam Kosheba speaks during a news conference regarding the arrest and  charges being filed against Howard Timothy Cofflin Jr., at the Pennsylvania State Police Department in Loganville on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016. Cofflin was charged based on evidence found and threats made regarding his intention to kill his ex-girlfriend, Pennsylvania state troopers and county judges. (Dawn J. Sagert - The York Dispatch)

First to Mr. Perkinson, “the law worked." Mr. Cofflin could not legally buy a firearm and had to resort to buying an 80 percent complete lower receiver. This part of the firearm holds the fire control unit, trigger, sear discounter, etc. To make an 80 percent receiver function, one would need to be a machinist and know how to operate a milling machine, or a special lathe. You can't make a functioning lower receiver in your garage with your Black & Decker drill.

As for Mr. Cofflin bragging to his mother about the ease with which he could obtain a firearm, if that were true why didn't he just buy a gun instead of only an 80 percent complete receiver? He probably could have actually bought an illegal gun on the streets of York or Baltimore since gang bangers and drug dealers seem to have an unlimited supply. This source could be stopped but progressives don't want to hear the solution. So the system worked. Mr. Cofflin was forced to purchase an unfinished part for an A-15 that he could not complete. No lower receiver, no gun.

As for Mr. Perkinson’s other two complaints. Like so many other Progressives he thinks the Federal government is an endless well of money. It will soon be time to pay the piper and then all hell will break loose. I still have friends in the DHS and other Federal agencies and I will tell you from direct conversations, DHS is one of the most broken agencies that exist. It is completely dysfunctional.

And to Mr. Zorbaugh I would ask, what is this loophole in the gun purchaser background check law to which you refer? The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (BATFE) sets what is required to purchase gun parts. The regulation on receivers, pistol frames, etc., that are only 80 percent complete, do not require a serial number and hence, no background check. I would not call this a loop hole, but instead an example of your government at work. I suggest you take the issue up with the BATFE instead of making it sound like the work of the “gun lobby”.

Mr. Perkinson and Mr. Zorbaugh are Progressives whose writings are based on emotion, not fact or knowledge. I find it interesting that neither they, nor this paper, are concerned about the real danger, which is propane tanks. I will hope the paper and Misters Perkinson and Zorbaugh will call for legislation to require background checks for purchasers of propane tanks, as well as limit the number any one person may possess.

Jack H. McMillin

East Hopewell Twp.