A recent article reported that Affordable Care Act (ACA) penalty for remaining uninsured is forcing young adults to either pay hefty fines or purchase health insurance plans they deem unnecessary and too expensive. And with the deadline to sign up having been Jan. 31, many millenials had to make a quick decision.

Plans can be pricey — but they also cap out-of-pocket expenses, preventing financial catastrophe when illness or accident strikes. About half of young adults without insurance have trouble paying medical bills.

Millennials can use health insurance agents and brokers to find plans within their budgets. About half of agents and brokers spend most or a lot of their time investigating coverage options for clients. Brokers and agents were also rated as the most helpful source of information among people who sought assistance enrolling in ACA exchange plans in 2014.


Janet Trautwein

Executive Vice President and CEO

National Association of Health Underwriters

Washington, DC

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