LETTER: Wagner’s trash talk ‘appalling’


I'm writing this in response to Senator Wagner's article in the paper on Jan. 20, 2016.

State Sen. Scott Wagner

I find it very appalling that a state senator would talk trash about our governor. My wife and I know Gov. Tom Wolf for nearly 40 years. And I happen to know that our governor is a very honorable and decent man. And he has more class in his little finger than many of your senators and representatives.

The language that Sen. Scott Wagner chose to use is very offensive and doesn't belong in the Senate. Senator Wagner, the language you use is trash but then again I guess that's the kind of talk that goes with the kind of business that he runs.

And class is something you’re taught at a very early age and surely no one taught you class and values. And talk all the trash you want and my wife and I both hope that the governor stands his ground and doesn’t give in. Our governor is donating his salary to the United Way and he drives his own vehicle to Harrisburg daily. When was the last time that a governor didn't take a salary? Wolf has devoted his entire life to doing for others and if you don't believe me just ask the employees of his company.

So Mr. Wagner if you want maybe you could follow in his footsteps and treat your employees more fairly by sharing your profits with them. And compare your company's turnover to Wolf's any day.

Gov. Wolf stand your ground and please don't blink. I apologize for the types of senators and representatives we have in Harrisburg, Pa. It's truly a shame. And as long as they want to defund education don't budge because that is a very important issue for our state.


Edward C. Smith