LETTER: Perry is right on gun issue

Congressman Scott Perry

I strongly support Scott Perry, who wants to stop President Barack Obama from taking executive action concerning gun safety.

I recently read the letter written by Pat Long supporting executive action. Are we so far gone, that we would allow a president to conduct himself as a king? Our constitution was established so no president could amend the Constitution without congressional approval.

For anyone to believe that’s not a slippery slope is naive and ignorant. Example: Australia, which liberals love to tout, started with a buyback program for guns on a volunteer basis, but that quickly became mandatory.

Right now, there are 240 pages of gun regulations on the books — how many do we need? The problem is Obama, who wants to pick and choose the laws to enforce. How do you pass new laws without enforcing what we already have? How do you know what works and what doesn't?

Gun ownership is my right, driving, however is a privilege, regulated by each state. Every year, people are killed by vehicles, or some crazy drives a vehicle into a crowd and kills numerous people. Does insurance or registration stop that? Sane, law abiding people do not commit these crimes.

Do I agree that we should do a better job screening out mentally incompetent people? Yes. But that is not done by executive action. That in itself breaks the law of the land.

There is a bill in Congress right now to fund more coverage for the mentally ill. But the president doesn't discuss this — why? Because it does not fit the narrative.

So let's all rally behind Mr. Perry, and restore this country to the greatest system of government ever founded, which is not a kingdom.

Glenn Wareham

Newberry Twp.