The taxpayers of Pennsylvania can no longer fulfill the financial commitment of state pension retirement contracts. Excessive taxation on the citizens of Pennsylvania will lead to bankrupting individuals, families and business owners. Increasing taxes for education will fund school employee pensions, not student resources.

We, the people of Pennsylvania, request to make into law, a resolution for current elected legislators and all public employees, the option to voluntarily revise current pension benefit contracts. The agreement to this resolution will reduce the existing retirement plans of active working employees who currently serve the state of Pennsylvania, to the financial agreement of the pension contracts previous to Act 9 (2001). Reduced pension contributions (25-50 percent) will allow more funding for local school districts and reduce pension debt in the state budget.

The citizens of Pennsylvania would greatly respect the commitment of service, dedication and sacrifice for the welfare of our state and for our children. If you agree, please contact your representative.

Shelva Eller

Manchester Twp.

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