LETTER: Reps have a lot of gall calling governor a ‘liar’

Gov. Tom Wolf

When someone is called a liar, it is a serious charge.

In the past month, two York County State Representatives – Stan Saylor and Seth Grove – called the governor of Pennsylvania a liar.

They did so at the end of a long and hotly contested budget process which kept money from flowing to public schools and community organizations for over 5 months. They did so as part of a coalition of Republican legislators who were largely responsible for agreeing with a “framework” budget, which was created by all four legislative caucuses and the mayor, and then refusing to vote for it and skipping town before the holiday. The result of their actions was the passage of a wholly inadequate budget.

But they did do mostly because Gov. Tom Wolf exposed their budget as the fraud it is. By jiggling the numbers, they claim to show an increase in education funding when the fact is that funding will be reduced again. They claimed that it is balanced, when it is not.

The old saying is that “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” It takes a lot of stones for Saylor and Grove to act and vote as they have, to deny the truth behind their pathetic budget and to call the governor a liar. They should first apologize to Wolf and then get down to their jobs and help to lead Pennsylvania into a bright future and not the dismal past.

Kelly Adams

Heidelberg Twp.