Edit: Dreaming of a warm holiday

York Dispatch

Dreaming is as close as we got to a white Christmas this year.

York has seen no sign of a winter wonderland. Frosty only rises from the lawn if he is inflatable. Reindeer paws made no prints on snowy roofs, and Santa should have considered trading that fur suit, hat and boots in for a windbreaker and sneakers.

The one-horse open sleigh must be traded in for a bike, and the only frosty air comes from the refrigerator, where people are searching for iced tea or a cold beer.

York is having its balmiest holiday season ever, with record highs falling faster than frosting melts off the Christmas cookies.

Large retailers who have been pushing us into the holiday season since September have a glut of winter outerwear because no one buys hats, gloves and scarves if it isn't cold, they say. The exception, of course, is the small shop, such as those in downtown York, where one-of-a-kind warming gear has flown out the door.

Local winter sports spots such as Ski Roundtop and AvalancheXpress are sadly waiting for days when it's cold enough to make snow. Anyone who got skis for Christmas will have to go to Canada to find any snow on the ground.

Meteorologists say we can thank El Nino for this spate of unseasonable weather. Which is ironic, because a weather system named after the Christ child is making it seem like it can't possibly be Christmas.

There are some people who will enjoy the balmy weather, those who would rather be in Florida, perhaps.

Those of us who prefer seasons to come and go in their proper order say, "Bah, humbug!"

Give us back our cold, clear nights and crisp winter days. The world looks prettier with a light coating of snow in late December. Hot chocolate and warm cookies taste better when you've been outside and need to warm up. People waiting outside for midnight on New Year's Eve should be wearing wool hats and coats, not a light jacket..

As temperatures return to more normal levels this week, we will brook no complaints. We eagerly await the thrill of the first snowfall, however late it may be.

These flowers obviously don't realize it's the first day of winter, blooming outside of Buffalo Wild Wings in Springettsbury Township, Tuesday Dec. 22, 2015. The York area is expected to shatter warm weather records this holiday week, with an expected highs of 62 today and a balmy 71 degrees on Christmas Eve. (John A. Pavoncello - The York Dispatch)