Letter: Want to help elderly? Eliminate school property tax


The column on Dec. 18 by Teresa Osborne, Pennsylvania Department of Aging, contains some very good information for helping elderly citizens. The five primary areas recommended to check on are well covered. Other than problems caused by mental and physical inadequacies there is one major problem that prevents the elderly from making their homes elderly friendly, having a social life and obtaining needed medicine. Insufficient funds will not allow many elderly people to properly address the first four of the primary checks. In order to alleviate some of this lack of funds problem there must be decisive action taken to eliminate the school property tax. That will free up funds for the elderly to improve their quality of life.


The school property tax is not only a hardship on the elderly. It is a hardship on all homeowners and will be more-so as young homeowners age. Pennsylvania has many legislators who give lip service to helping the elderly and then do nothing to correct the mass elder abuse of school property taxes. That's right, elder abuse of the highest degree. Legislative stupidity runs rampant. They condone the oppressive school property tax to fund education, then they form a bureaucracy for property tax rebates and then they set up a system to pay the exorbitant taxes on installments. Reducing school property taxes is not a solution because they go right back up just as they are doing now. Eliminate school property taxes and save money by eliminating the rebate bureaucracy.

George Herman

Conewago Township