Letter: When it comes to spending, Wagner ‘gets it’


It is amazing to me that there is so much consternation over the fact that the state does not have a budget. What our politicians should be concerned about and your newspaper as well is, why do we have a budget proposal calling for a 6 percent increase in a period where we have zero inflation and we have had inflation at 2 percent for years. And the current proposal is substantially less than the original one put forth by the governor. Do you think that this money just falls from the sky?

I implore the State House to continue to play hardball. If I were them I would put forth a budget with a zero increase. Sen. Scott Wagner is absolutely right. He gets it.

The Democrats in Harrisburg, particularly Schreiber, would have you think that these taxes are necessary. Wrong. When you have a flat income tax, a sales tax, and high property taxes already, any increase is from dollar one and hurts the poor and middle class the most. It hurts everybody except those who make their living working for the state. These people continue to enjoy their “gold plated” retirement and health care programs while the private sector is just expected to continue to fund this folly.

The math doesn’t works folks. People are living longer than ever. That is why the private sector is forced mainly to 401k plans that their employees must manage 100 percent after they retire rather than be guaranteed an annual payout for the rest of their life. If a state worker works for 40 years and then retires, they are guaranteed 100 percent of their most recent annual salary they were making over the last few years of their employment. No strings attached. No need to save for retirement because the taxpayer will foot the bill.

And “retirement to grave” free healthcare. If you work in the private sector, you are your own, for the most part, after you retire. Pensions and healthcare for retirees is the main problem. But powerful unions representing state workers and lobbying politicians rape the private sector taxpayer at the bargaining table because there is no elected representatives looking out for our financial interests.

Until you get rid of the pension and healthcare system for public employees, you as a privates sector taxpayer can expect to have more of your hard earned money confiscated by special interest groups. And that is what the editorial sections of your newspaper should be preaching instead of poor little old non-profits not getting their money. It is always easier to spend someone else’s money. Hopefully it will soon run out so the gravy trainers can feel some pain.

It is nothing but Socialism. And as Winston Churchill said, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

So, House of Representatives, don’t give in to the “Wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

William Miller