Letter: Antidote encourages addicts


Why are we so concerned about people overdosing on Heroin?

First of all it's illegal to possess it, let alone take it. Then we supply an antidote to emergency people to save their life.

To me this is encouraging them to take all they want — just call 911 before they pass out.

We all are responsible for our decisions and if we make stupid ones there are consequences. There's talk of reinstating mandatory minimum sentences of 5 years for drug dealers selling more than 10 grams of Heroin and 7 years for a second offense.

Why and when were they removed?! Where is the outcry about the trafficking and easy availability of drugs? We're too lenient with drug dealers considering all the lives they're ruining and killing. Until we make the price too high like executing anyone selling a certain amount like the people arrested recently with $300,000 worth.

How many lives would that have effected?

You kill a snake by cutting off its head not its tail, which we're doing by busting small fry and ignoring the tons coming into our country every day.

Until we get serious we'll never solve the problem because it's too lucrative a business.

It's a disgrace that York Co. is fourth in the state with 118 drug deaths out of 1,293 in 2014 with 2015 shaping up to surpass these figures — and there were 70 people saved by Narcone.

It defies reason that anyone knowing the danger of habit forming or death, would want to take that first dose. Besides all that, officials claim that, approximately 90 percent of our crime is caused by drugs.

Robert Brenneman

East Manchester Township