LETTER: Healing for vets takes many forms

York Dispatch

On Nov. 11, we acknowledged the service of our veterans. It’s nice that we thought of them on that one day, but I’m concerned that as a society we have gravely overlooked our responsibility to them.

Did you know that 10 times as many veterans are dying as a result of suicide as are dying in combat? And what quality of life do many of the surviving veterans and their families have?

Many communities are integrating the healing properties of nature to address the deep wounds of war. Service dogs and agricultural programs are springing up everywhere. We could get ideas from existing programs in other communities and glean the parts that could work for us.

With 22 veterans committing suicide daily, 63,000 homeless vets and nearly one million soldiers and veterans diagnosed with some sort of mental health illness since 2000, we must make it a priority to help them truly heal.

Is a team of concerned citizens being formed? I’m willing to help.

Willa Lefever Sonnewald

Life Institute Spring Grove