Editorial: A pause to be thankful

York Dispatch

Those of us in the newspaper business have a reputation for being cynical.

It's deserved, to a point. After all, we do see the worst of human nature on a daily basis. Those of us in the newspaper business have a reputation for being cynical.

And yet there are times when even the most hard-boiled journalist should take a pause and think about being thankful. This seems like a good day for those of us at The York Dispatch to do that.

Things we are grateful for this Thanksgiving, in no particular order:

  • The people who work with and for organizations such as the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, Catholic Harvest, Our Daily Bread and others who make sure people who need food can get it, especially this time of year.
  •  The boys on the Red Land Little League team, who continue to prove themselves champions by actions such as donating to the Four Diamonds Fund and spending time with kids in Hershey Medical Center who can't go out and play baseball.
  • Those who participate in Walk a Mile in Her Shoes,Crop Walk, Relay for Life and other events that raise money for people who need help.
  • Vendors who are working with nonprofits while their bills remain unpaid and staff members at charter schools who continue to educate children for much lower pay during the state budget impasse.
  • The little things that we can use thanks to being alive in the 21st century: dishwashers, microwaves, cellphones, Netflix.
  • Facebook, which, even though it makes us sometimes think our lives aren't glamorous or exciting enough, lets a friend who happened to be in France during the recent attacks let everyone know she's OK.
  • York, where the first national day of Thanksgiving was proclaimed in 1777, "that with one heart and one voice the good people may express the grateful feelings of their hearts."
  • The people who work with and support the York County SPCA, Animal Rescue and other organizations that help animals in distress.
  • Living in a country where people are allowed to voice any opinion they want, no matter how wrong-headed that opinion may be.
  • Family and friends, those who are with us now, those who have moved on and those who have not yet appeared.

What are you thankful for this year? Go to facebook.com/yorkdispatch and share your blessings.