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LETTER: A 'heartfelt thank you' from Byrnes

York Dispatch

Congratulations to all the candidates from Tuesday's general election in York County. Participating in a system that engages differing opinions and places the final decision in the hands of a voting populace is the epitome of our democracy in action.

I express a heartfelt thank you to my campaign team, led by honorary chair state Rep. Stan Saylor and campaign manager Joel Ogle. The outpouring of encouragement, support and ultimately votes from community leaders, friends and a wide spectrum of fellow York countians was very gratifying.

As we move forward, I am eager to invite all York countians into the dialogue about how we better our community from Hanover to Wrightsville and Dillsburg to Delta, working in a true collaborative spirit. This will be a great period in York County government.


York County Commissioner-elect