LETTER: Future in good hands with these Scouts

York Dispatch

On Saturday, Oct. 24, we attended the Boy Scout Wizard Safari at the Wizard Ranch. This three-day camp-out and events was attended by hundreds of Scouts, their leaders, friends and families. The South Central Pennsylvania Wood Turners (Club) were invited to demonstrate their craft.

We were impressed with the coordination and competence of those who managed this well-planned event. A complete and varied breakfast was provided in a tent that was slightly warmer than the nippy outside temperature. A canopy had been set up for our work with tables, chairs and the necessary electric. Later bagged lunches were delivered to our demonstration site.

While Clark Bixler and Leo Deller turned wood bowls, Barry Stump and John Stewart assisted 11 Scouts in making a free, turned wood pen. The day saw many Scouts and fascinated parents watching with children whose little noses were glued to the safety shields as they were mesmerized by the turning lathes and the items that were produced.

Our best impression was the good manners of all these young people at the Safari. They were eager to try a new venture and each was courteous and appreciative of the opportunity to practice a new skill. Early in the morning, the randomly selected boys chose a schedule for various hours of the day to make a pen. Every boy was on site and waiting at his scheduled time. One, though breathless from running, panted into the area just on time. They waited through unexpected delays, and every one thanked his mentor for their time and teaching. Each Scout proudly took home what will become a cherished possession or gift; a wood pen made with his own hands.

We took home a sense of accomplishment that comes from sharing a skill and the comforting observation that our world will be in the good hands of youngsters like these and the countless others like them.


Windsor Twp.

South Central Pennsylvania Wood Turners