LETTER: Byrnes is the real deal

York Dispatch

As a lifelong York County resident, I taught middle school for 30 years, raised a family and watched York County change and face difficult challenges. Today, we need new leaders with creative ideas to fix existing problems and advocate change to improve the lives of all citizens.

Susan Byrnes is the real deal — a proven leader who cares deeply about making York County a more fair, generous and healthy place to live and prosper.

An example of her leadership is the Susan Byrnes Health Education Center, which she established more than two decades ago. In her typically caring way, Susan understood the needs of the community and created the center, which met those needs by inspiring and educating people to make better health care choices.

A vote for Susan is a vote for people-centered commitment and dedication. She has worked tirelessly to address veterans' concerns, and as commissioner will focus her entrepreneurial skills, experience and compassion to improve economic issues, safety and human services.

Susan understands how the citizens can work together for economic responsibility, positive change, and a renewed spirit of collaboration. A vote for Susan Byrnes is a vote for a positive vision for York County's future.