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LETTER: Not buying 'spring' explanation for tap water smell

York Dispatch

Back in the spring there was an article in the paper explaining that the odd smell to our water was something that happened every spring when there was too much runoff from the fields into our reservoirs. I never quite bought into that (nor have others). Having lived in York for about 45 years I don't remember another time when the water ever smelled like it often does now.

That "smell" is one of chlorine and since spring it has never quite gone away 100 percent. You may go a couple days and not notice it, but then it comes back without abandon. Has our drinking water become permanently polluted from farm runoff, fracking waste, pharmaceutical "run-off," industrial dumping, etc.? Has some change been made to our purification process?

I'm not the only one not buying the spring-time story, and we would appreciate an answer.


York City