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LETTER: Vote for much-needed change in Hellam Twp.

York Dispatch

As a resident of Hellam Township, I have heard many truths and mistruths being said on the campaign trail for township supervisor. I want to provide a story about one of the first township meetings I attended. During the Aug. 20 meeting, the Board of Supervisors made a motion and a second to approve spending $5,000 of taxpayer resources to hire a lobbyist to influence a Department of Environmental Protection permitting decision for the Perdue soybean plant in Conoy Township.

Regardless of your opinion on the plant, what shocked me as a resident was the arrogant response by the township supervisors when they were asked repeatedly for the name and credentials of this lobbyist they were about to hire. The board answered that they did not know and refused to postpone the vote until they found the answer.

I expect more from my elected officials, such as remaining professional, open minded, and always striving to inform and answers questions asked by residents. The board should be ashamed that to this day we still do not have an answer to the questions that were asked. What do they have to hide?

My family and I are tired of this manipulative behavior and this November will be voting for a much-needed fresh change in Hellam Township. Please vote for Dave Miller, Riki Potosky and Phil Smith on Nov. 3 — three local citizens who will be fiscally responsible and transparent when they are spending our taxpayer dollars.


Hellam Twp.