LETTER: Spending more isn't the answer

York Dispatch

Fresh off of a 127-73 Budget vote failure in the Pennsylvania House, Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf is still unwilling to provide Pennsylvanians with a solution to the state budget impasse.

This is not the first time Gov. Wolf's budget has been defeated. On June 1st of this year the entire House voted down the governor's massive tax increases. Reaching for any type of support from his own party, the governor extended $1.9 million from the state treasury for specifically the House Democratic Caucus to pay its bills. State law

constitutes that expenditures from the treasury are set through a state budget, not at the will of the governor.

Gov. Wolf is the first Pennsylvania governor to veto a state budget outright. Efforts from Republicans to approach the table with a plan that offers no tax increase instead of the governors proposed $12.7 billion increase over the next two fiscal years has been shunned and the ever-impending time that schools, nonprofits and many other welfare organizations have to make drastic decisions is approaching.

Gov. Wolf campaigned on the idea that former Gov. Corbett and the GOP stripped state public schools of $1 billion dollars. Yet Gov. Wolf has taken it upon himself to single handedly strip all public schools of approximately $9 billion dollars in state funding by stalling the budget.

The Republican plan provides $670 million more in education funding from the 2014 budget (without raising taxes). The only individual in Harrisburg holding schools hostage is Gov. Wolf.

As we have learned throughout our history, spending more is not a means to an end. Gov. Wolf has brought Obama-like government practices to Harrisburg. If this stubbornness and unwillingness to compromise continues, Pennsylvanians are in for a very long fall.



York County Republican Club