LETTER: Byrnes best choice for commissioner

York Dispatch

Why Susan Brynes for York County Commissioner? Her long history of community service speaks for itself. As a life-long resident of York County, Susan has repeatedly shown her commitment to serving her neighbors by joining hands in collaborative efforts to identify needs and find solutions. A well-known success is the Brynes Health Education Center. She parlayed her knowledge as a health care professional with the recognized need to improve the health of York County residents of all ages. Susan researched, established a strong team, secured funding, and "made it happen." Today York County is the home to an internationally recognized health education center. More recently, with her sensitivity and appreciation for our veterans, Susan worked with families in the creation of the Veterans Memorial Gold Star Healing and Peace Garden. Too, recognizing the needs of returning veterans, Susan has been instrumental in the soon to open "Mr. Sandy's Veterans Center" on West Market Street.

Why Susan? She walks the walk. She is results-driven and has a record of success in serving our community.

On November 3rd, we have the opportunity to seat Susan Brynes as York County Commissioner. I ask that you please join me in voting for Susan Brynes.


Adjunct professor

York College